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Our aim is to help you lose weight and improve your health.
We are not a club. There are no contracts to sign and we do not require any joining fees. It's entirely up to you how long you stay on our Programme.

On THE DIET FACTORY Programme, you will lose weight and once you reach your target weight, various maintenance weight loss programmes are available. Meals are also available on their own, in minimum quantities.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our programmes are available as Gluten Free and are suitable
for Diabetics but you just need to tell us. When ordering click either box “Gluten Free”
or Diabetic” to choose.


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A Convenient, Complete Food Service

To save you time, each week we will fully prepare and deliver your total week’s food. You won’t have to do any shopping, weighing out or cooking. The 1000 calorie diet will provide you with breakfasts, lunches and dinners. On the 1200 and 1500 calorie diets you will even receive morning and afternoon snacks.
No fuss. No work. No temptation with other foods.

Your Personalised Programme
When you phone THE DIET FACTORY, one of our Consultants will answer your call. After discussing your needs, your consultant will recommend the best programme for your maximum weight-loss. Any meals you dislike, or foods that you may be allergic to, will be omitted from your diet.

As there are more than 100 meals on THE DIET FACTORY menu, you will be pleasantly surprised by the large range of interesting and varied choices.

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Handy "Dinners Only" Service

Are you busy and still have to cook for the family or do you need help with your main meal only? Ask about our dinners only service.

Healthy Weight Loss

You will maintain and even improve your health whilst losing weight, as THE DIET FACTORY uses only the freshest, most natural ingredients. There are no additives such as artificial colours or preservatives and the diet is low in salt, fats and cholesterol but high in fibre.

As well as being tasty and delicious, all your meals will be calorie controlled, containing the correct nutritional balance.

Value For Money

THE DIET FACTORY will prepare and deliver all your meals, at probably the same dollar value as you are currently spending on just the ingredients. Your total weekly food cost is from as little as $18.85 per day for 3 meals & 2 snacks a day.

Low Cholesterol and Diabetic Programmes
If you are a Diabetic or you have a high cholesterol level, we can provide you with a diet to suit your special needs. Contact us for more information!

Gluten Free meals and Full Diet Weight Loss Programmes are now available for coeliacs Contact us for more information!